Audio accessories

audio accessories

There are many Audio accessories which can be used with your radio, please select any from the options below and arrange a demo of same by calling us right away.
Audio Accessories for all brands and all models are ready in stock with us like Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Vspectra, Hytera, Magone, Vertex, Talkpro etc


Audio accessories mainly include : 
1 : D / S Shaped Handsfree with PTT 
2 : Remote Speaker Microphones 
3 : Operations Critical Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone 
4 : IMPRES Noise-Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone
5 : IMPRES Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, large, submersible (IP57)
6 : IMPRES Active Noise-Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone 
7 : IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit 
8 : 1-Wire Surveillance Kit with Translucent Tube
9 : Heavy Duty Behind-the-Head Headset with Noise-Canceling Boom Microphone 
10 : IMPRES Temple Transducer with Boom Microphone and In-Line Push-To-Talk 
11 : Handsfree with Volume Control option 
12 : Handsfree with boom mic 
13 : Throat Microphone for noise cancellation 
14 : Bluetooth for digital Walkie- Talkie 
15 : Operation Critical Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece with PTT
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