Mobile radio / base
station accessories


These accessories are mainly used with mobile radios/Base station units. These accessories are high quality accessories which can make your communication simpler and more clear.
Mobile radio accessories for all brands and all models are ready in stock with us like Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Vspectra, Hytera, Magone, Vertex, Talkpro etc


These mainly Include : 

1 : Standard Compact Microphone
2 : IMPRES Heavy-Duty Microphone
3 : Desktop Microphone
4 : IMPRES Visor Microphone
5 : Pushbutton Push-To-Talk to Interface with your Visor Microphone
6: Emergency Foot switch can be used with a Visor Microphone
7 : Compact Microphone Replacement Cable
8 : Long Range Wireless Kit
9 : Mobile Microphone with Bluetooth Gateway
10 : Wireless RSM (Remote Speaker Microphone) with Battery and Clip
11 : XBT Operations Critical Wireless Behind the-Neck Headset
12 : External Speakers (5W , 7.5W, 13W)

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