The Ease of use and cost effective characterise the Motorola GM3188. Ideal for construction, taxi, courier and manufacturing industries users who want to enjoy instant and reliable communication while keeping their mobile team working efficiently.
Tirupati Telecom Services is Authorised Dealer by Motorola Solutions for Sales and Service of Walkie Talkie / Two Way Radios(VHF/ UHF) ,radio equipments and its accessories. We are most preferred Vendor for Motorola Walkie Talkie in Gujarat and Rest of India. Contact us for New Purchase or repair of your Motorola GM3188 

Product Info


    Ease of Use
    • Large ON/OFF knob and channel button enable easy operation, even with gloved hands
    • LED status indicator allows clear indication of radio’s operating status
    • 2 Programmable buttons provide users convenient access to the most frequently used functions

    • 16 pin external accessory port allows easy expansion of radio’s capability.
    • choice of signalling protocol: MDC1200, Quick Call II and DTMF signalling.
    • 8-channel allows users to independently program each channel for their customised need.

    Compact & Reliable
    • The compact design enables easy mounting even in cramped vehicles
    • Rugged construction built to meet or exceed the stringent Motorola ALT and MIL-STD 810C,D and E