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MOTOTRBO offers a robust, standards-based solution that can be tailored to meet your unique coverage and

feature needs. This versatile portfolio provides a complete system of portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters,

accessories, data applications, and services – a comprehensive communication solution for your business.

MOTOTRBO offers a multitude of features and benefits. TDMA digital technology provides twice the calling capacity

(as compared to analog or FDMA radios) for the price of one frequency license. Integrated voice and data capabilities

support integrated applications including MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Services and an integrated GPS module is

included for use with your third-party location tracking applications. Also, Motorola’s Application Developer Program

accommodates custom data applications so that you can adapt radios to support your specific business tasks.

And digital voice processing plus enhanced call signaling can help to assure faster and more reliable calls. Other

features such as enhanced battery life, IP57 immersibility for portables, and the ability to operate in both analog and

digital modes make it easy and affordable to adapt MOTOTRBO for the unique needs of your operation, and migrate

to a digital two-way radio platform at your own pace.

Whether you’re working in harsh conditions, noisy environments, long shifts or looking for discreet

communication, MOTOTRBO accessories and batteries stand up to the task and stand out in the field. We

designed and developed a complete portfolio of solutions with this exclusive, leading-edge technology. Our

accessories and batteries are specially designed to perform optimally with our portable and mobile radios.


XPR 6550/6580 Display Portable Radios

XPR 6350/6380 Non-Display Portable Radios

XPR 6580 I.S. CSA Display Portable Radio (sold in Canada only)


XPR 4550/4580 Display Mobile Radios

XPR 4350/4380 Numeric Display Mobile Radios