Service and repair

service and repair

We at Tirupati Telecom Services, offer you an unbeatable and most time framed service i.e.TFQ-8 Service [TIME FRAMED QUALITATIVE – 8 days service] programmed under which we definitely return your sets duly repaired with us most perfection and with warranty. We dont just sell the radios, but we believe that after sales service is most important at the times of breakdown and we will not let you down during that period when you need us the most. We can repair almost all the walkie talkies and their accessories within the given time frame and we also offer warranty on sets repaired by us. We have all the necessary equipments for repairing at our Head office : Ahmedabad.  We also do repairing and servicing of other brands like Kenwood, ICOM, Vspectra, Hytera, Magone, Vertex, Talkpro etc 


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